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  Step 2 - Which affiliate programs to join

There are a ton of great affiliate programs out there, and this is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination. These are some of my favorite programs, and the ones that I personally use and love.

  • ShopstyleCollective - {Pay Per Click, great for newbies and non-designers} a great place for clothing, accessory and Etsy lovers, but there are tons of products in other categories too! The great thing about Shopstyle Collective is that you join their program and you can link to any store easily, no extra signups or applications are needed!
  • Polyvore - they are responsible for lots of the fashion flat-lay images you see floating on Pinterest, a great program for you if you're into fashion and love putting together outfits

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there, but I encourage you to pick with one to start out, focus on that and stay focused on creating great content to market their products (we'll talk about that later)

Quick tip: When you're joining an affiliate program, do not pay to join them! I have only done this one time, and the program was a reputable one that represented a huge company that added the money they charged be right back to my account.

I've been working with bloggers since 2008, and I almost never recommend that they pay to join an affiliate program, I definitely do't recommend it to you. That's a good way to end up with your money gone to a scammer.

Your task today is to signup for affiliate programs. I highly recommend starting with ShopStyle Collective, because you can start Pinning things right away from their app without having to create your own Pins.