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  Step 5 - Creating a Pinning Schedule


If you're going to make money on Pinterest, consistency and quality are key, in equal measure. Set alarms on your phone if that's what it takes to make sure you remember.

If you are more of a "do it in batches" person, I highly recommend Tailwind. I am a huge fan of utilizing batches and doing things when I have time and energy (at the same time!). I've had several awesome days where I'll take a few hours after the kids go to bed and I'll fill up a month's worth of posting.

Creating a schedule allows you to also Pin many affiliate Pins at once, and still observe the 70/30 rule without having to think about it too much.

70% of the content you Pin should be from others, 30% should be yours.
All of it should be useful to your audience.

I used this printable (well, a much less pretty version!) to keep myself on schedule. I pretty quickly graduated to using a free text reminder program. That saved me from having to reference my planner throughout the day to see what I should be Pinning.

I know some people prefer paper planners, so I'm including this here.

Remember when you're making your schedule: consistency is better than quantity.

If you aren't already on Pinterest a lot, then Pinning 10 times a day on schedule may not be feasible for you. It's better to have smaller numbers of Pins, but to work with consistency then to Pin 70 Pins in one sitting one time a day.