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  Module 1.6 Joining Group Boards on Pinterest to promote your Pins

Group boards on Pinterest are a great way to get a Pin "started" and to get more exposure to a big audience quickly.

Using group boards to boost Pins strategically:

  1. Only add Pins that are relevant to the theme of the group board.

    In every group there are "those people" who want to self-promote, and will eventually annoy the other members or the creator of the board and get kicked off.

    Remember: you're not marketing junk for a quick buck. You are sharing useful products that provide value. Don't let the idea of a few quick dollars make you want to just "do whatever" to get some clicks.

  2. Join as many group boards as you can, but stagger when you share you Pin to them.

    Let's say you share a beautiful Pin and have 15 group boards where you can share it. Don't get your account marked as spam by sharing to all 15 boards at once. Stagger it so you're only posting once or twice a day.

    Keep the 70/30 rule in mind at all times. Especially when you're excited, which is when new Pinners make the mistake of over-sharing a new Pin.

  3. Always follow the rules. Always.
    Group board creators are your friends, so keep on their good side by always following their rules.

    They want you to share 3 Pins every time you post one to the group board? Do it. If you don't have the time to reciprocate, then don't share to their board right then.

  4. If you're using Tailwind, use group boards as your first place to schedule Pins into your queue.

    If you're pinning to group boards a lot, it's easy to add content to them without worrying about having time to reciprocate when you know you've scheduled more than your quota in your Pinning queue.

If you're ready to get started with group boards, there are a lot of groups on Facebook there, but my favorite is this one!

Today, start joining group boards that relate to things you're already Pinning about. Sometimes it can take a few days for group board creators to get to all of the invites, so it's good to be ready!